Your Child's Potential

A congruent life is one where we are each able to see reality as clearly as we are able, and make decisions about our lives within the context of our respective belief systems, and understand to the degree possible what the implications are for the present time and as far as possible into the future, and accept responsibility for those decisions not only for ourselves but all those who are influenced by our decisions. But what if you or I is having difficulty making a decision? Then, where do we turn? Usually, one will turn to a trusted friend, family member, pastor, priest, rabbi, doctor, therapist or some other trusted source. If we are alike in some way, we turn to God for direction to make decisions both temporal and those that will outlive ourselves.

If one seeks counseling services, one may turn to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Psychologist (Ph. D.) or Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT). It is helpful to know the position of each profession when seeking services, especially if the issue is related to a child who is not yet born.

The National Association of Social Workers state, in part: "Social workers have long been involved in advocating for reproductive choice for all women. The NASW Code of Ethics guides social workers to promote clients' self-determination. Standard 1.02. NASW’s policy statement, Family Planning and Reproductive Health states, Self-determination means that without government interference, people can make their own decisions about sexuality and reproduction. It requires working toward safe, legal, and accessible reproductive health care services, including abortion services, for everyone" (NASW, 2006 - ).

The American Psychological Association recently released a report that states in part: "The best scientific evidence published indicates that among adult women who have an unplanned pregnancy the relative risk of mental health problems is no greater if they have a single elective first-trimester abortion than if they deliver that pregnancy" (

Marriage and Family Therapists: Their website does not site a position on abortion or self-determination. Studies sited are available only to members.

When making a decision about your child who is not yet born, it is not difficult to have fear result in rationalizing abortion (the termination or ending of a child's life) as being as valid as childbirth (

The long term implications of a child's birth are far reaching, and may result in changes that cannot even be dreamed of. Give your child and yourself a chance to become something more than we can imagine. Imagine the Potential ( The good Lord is calling each of us, me, you, my children and yours to his will. God has open arms of forgiveness and will provide grace, knowledge and will for direction when you are ready to be healed.

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