As a parent, you too can have fun while driving to and from school, to the market, doctor's office or to any destination you know is going to test the patience of everyone in the car, by playing a simple game called, That's Silly! Imagine that?!

I guarantee loads of fun if you take a few moments to use the natural gifts of creativity you and your children have to enjoy each other's imaginations and giggles to follow.

In this game all that is required is an active imagination to dress any animal in the funniest-er outfit you can possibly think of.  In the imagination of my three and six year old daughters (myself included), come to life cats, squirrels, puppies and dinosaurs with polka dot boots, necklaces, bracelets, heart-shaped glasses, purses with candy and the biggest, biggest, biggest pinkalicious hat you ever saw. After everyone playing has had a chance to describe their "silliest animal ever", then we vote for the silliest.  To date, I am still trying to catch up to the creative geniuses of my daughters, both of whom take either 1st or 2nd prize each and every time.

The giggles that follow each game are more enjoyable than the one before.  Aside from the fun, I am finding my daughters stay focused, as they each give the other a turn and enjoy immensely the colorful description that unfolds from the other.  Their animal outfits are becoming more elaborate and fancy and their ability to describe an internal perception is enhancing their vocabulary as they explore using new words that are appropriate and made-up to add to the fun.  They "strategize" to use different words that are more elaborate than the other, and thereby create a healthy sense of friendly and fun competition.  Their creativity leads to their recalling the best of the best days after the game is over, which seems to cement their "sisterhood" in the sharing of thoughts and laughter.  These moments of creativity are both silly and enjoyable as I get to experience with my daughters what our minds create together.  Imagine that?!

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