Loving Nature, Loving You

I chose this piece, Flowers with Relaxation Music for my blog today, because my daughters and I love nature.

When we're together, they don't just smell the flowers, they pick them and give them away as gifts of love and affection.  Also, I know that my spending time with them, enjoying what brings them happiness, the standard begins to take form, as they learn about relationships.  For they will know, in love, we share with those what bring them happiness.

They remind me to embrace nature with all the senses, to draw the attention of others to it, and with love fear not giving nature and one's heart away, a gift that requires a lifetime of attention to its fragility.

"Thank you, my little ones, for the gifts you give.  ~ Love, Papa"

Image: Favorite flower of my youngest. Photo taken at Flower Frenzy - Florists, in Encinitas, CA