A colleague asked me today to help her with a project that has to do with online teaching, and she needed me to recall when writing became so important in my life.  While I have had many occasions to write to family members of clients in the course of my career for one reason or another, immediately my mind settled on the day I started to blog for my then only daughter, "Baby B".

July 16, 2004 - "Baby B", unbeknown to her was compelling me, by her peaceful existence, to capture an experience I had never known, an experience that was so dynamic I could hardly find the time to write each new awareness that was rushing into my mind, heart and soul, at times drawing from me emotions that most men like myself find it difficult to admit to.  She was in the world for only a little over six month, and as she continued to grow, nurse, move, cry, slumber, wake, I was transformed each and every moment we were both together and apart. I found myself listening attentively to her, trying to learn her language directing me to meet the most fundamental of her needs.  Never in my life did I want to hear something so well, or wanted to get something so right.  Intuitively, I did pretty well.  However, upon reflection, I do recall how overwhelmed I felt.  I was so taken with joy, I could only blog the simple observation, "Baby B takes a break from play to discover her feet".  Today, both she and her sister, "CoCo", at times, still leave me nearly speechless.