Coming to Jesus Disabled

It has only been the past few years where I've really come to appreciate the importance of Advent in my life. It has caused me to re-think where I invest my time and attention. And, I find that as I let go of a secular perspective, and focus more on the importance of my relationship with God, not only am I humbled by his awesome presence, but I see his word differently.

For example, in reading the First Wednesday of Advent's Gospel according to Matthew (15:29-37), apart from learning something about a modern day approach to feeding the hungry (an entry for another day), I wondered, "What was the expectation of those who came to Jesus with their lame, blind, deformed, mute and many others?" Did they come thinking, "This is our only hope?" or wondering "Is there any hope?" Either way, they came to Jesus with their disabled. This awareness caused me to think how often I have been lame, blind, deformed, and mute in my own life, and how those disabilities can only be healed by coming to Jesus. When I have come to him, I have been amazed, as the scripture indicates were those who came to him, and I have found myself wanting to glorify "the God of Israel" but not knowing just how. Then, it came to me, God is glorified when his children acknowledge him, come to him, and live according to his will (no small task if one has a secular perspective).

This Advent, we all need to bring those aspects of our lives which are lame, blind, deformed and mute. As we do, we will be able to say of each other, "he cured them" and in our respective lives glorify him and draw others to faith.

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