UNC libraries to forgo Christmas tree

I used to be personally dismayed by stories that I interpreted as being "Counter-Christian" (or counter-anyone's faith orientation), when related to issues in the public venue, such as the one currently being discussed by a few, and related to the decision of a representative of UNC Chapel Hill's two main libraries to not display a Christmas tree this year (UNC libraries to forgo Christmas tree).Then, Matthew 7:3 help me put things into perspective: "Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?"As a father, it is important to teach the value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation to our children. Then, I believe our charity and the actions of our charity will result in social change, so that stories like these will be overshadowed by the good being done by the faithful.Thoughts of a regular dad on the Christmas tree "issue":
The Symbolism of One's Life (Posted 12.07.08)

If a representative of a public institution choose the option to not display a symbol, in this case a Christmas tree, it would seem they have the right no matter the reason. I choose to be less concerned about a representative of a public institution displaying the Christmas tree, and more concerned about the symbolism of my own life. I think this is the time that every Christian home (and those who just enjoy the Christmas tree) to proudly display a tree, and adorn their homes with lights to draw attention to the wonderful joy of this season. And, if possible, Christians may consider displaying a nativity scene in their home or on their property.

The public venue is obviously politically correct. I prayerfully work at being faithfully correct where it matters, in my home and in my life, and hopefully that is a symbol that matters to the lives of others, especially if they are in need, homeless, or elderly.

My daughter, who is four, helped me understand this better one morning in her question, "Papa, why do you wear your cross under your shirt [tee-shirt, 100% cotton no less]? You should wear it outside, so everyone knows about Jesus." As I held her in may arms, she gently took my cross, on a gold chain, and placed the cross just outside my tee-shirt and patted it with much conviction and happiness. Now, more than ever, I am aware of the impact my life has to this child and her sister (who is two).

I think we need to look in our own homes and ask, "What does my home say about our family?" and "What does my life say about me?" The answers we come to will determine if we are living lives of conviction for what matters.

Enjoy this glorious season, peace to all and if you are so inclined, display your Christmas tree so everyone knows about Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

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