Choice or Child? Ask your mother and your father

Exploring the value of your own dignity in life sets the foundation to understand your beliefs about an unborn child. To "ask your mother and your father", a thought experiment, provides an opportunity to look deeply at what circumstances lead up to your conception and eventual birth (if it can be known). Were you a child who was wanted?  Did you have parents or loved ones who modeled and expressed consistently from your earliest moments of development, what it meant to be lovingly committed to your care, even during life's adversities? Knowing this about yourself may cause you to understand in part the view you hold about the sanctity of a child's life.  And having a deep and examined conviction about your own value to others and yourself, will likely prick the conscience to action one way or the other.

The National Abortion Federation promotes the following points (among others):

  • "Throughout the history of legal abortion, anti-abortion extremists have used propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies to dissuade women from choosing abortion...
  • Most women base their decision on several factors, the most common being lack of money and / or  readiness to start or expand their families due to existing responsibilities...
  • Learn to stand your ground when discussing this important issue, whether at school, at work or in your place of worship...
  • At your school, make sure student health services provides Emergency contraception..."

Whatever the cause individually or collectively, to drive the NAF, it certainly is not toward the collective dignity of the person.

The miracle of a child is self-evident and needs no propaganda.  The value of a child exceeds any material gain. The spirituality and innocence of a child extends into a dimension measured only by the human heart.   The fellowship of a child with peers is life enriching, and within the context of school (and elsewhere) worthy of our greatest attention and protection.

When you and I are deeply aware (emotionally, spiritually and psychologically) of our own dignity in the presence of reminders given by the unfolding life of a child, there is no choice.  It becomes clear to our core, the fabric of our being, that a child is the reflection of our mutual beginnings, entitled to all of the love we have learned to give, or all of the love we have yet to learn.

Sanctity Of Life

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