Growing Closer to God

It is Saturday and we just returned home from dinner with your godparents, and your mom, after your baptism.

I am so proud to be your father, and I am sure it showed as I held you gently over the baptismal fount to have Father D. poor water over your precious head. You were dressed in a beautiful white gown, and it was made extra special by a small gold pin, which had the image of Mary Mother of Jesus, which I purchased for you, with the prayer that she will lead you to a God filled life. And, with the hope that she will continue to increase my confidence and servant's heart's desire to yield to God's leadership in my life's commitment to you and our family.

In keeping with that commitment, this morning, at 3:00 a.m., I spent time with our Lord in Eucharist Adoration until 4. It was the first time I ever contemplated, prayed, focused and listened to the Lord in such a way. I was truly blessed. It strengthened my soul, and humbled my spirit.

God could not have picked a more precious day, the day of your baptism, to commemorate my fist day in His real presence.

I love you tremendously, and I am learning daily how expansive is God's love for each of us.

May the Lord bless you, my precious daughter, and may His blessings in our family lead to his glory.

Your devoted Papa

Knock Them Over Once, Twice and Again and Again

Sweetheart, you are so entertaining, when you knock over the boxes I stack, one on top of the other for you.  You giggle and giggle, so pleased with your accomplishments.  You seem particularly entertained when I stack two boxes on top of each other, and top them off with empty Oatmeal and baby cookie containers.

It is so much fun to watch you first test the boxes with your little pointer finger, just to make sure they are ready to go; then, you give a great big push and topple they go.

It only takes me a few seconds to restack them for you, once, twice and again and again.

What joy!