C - First Step

My dearest, C.  How thrilling it was to see you take your first step this evening before bed, while in the room that you and your sister share.  Words fail me, as I see you grow so fast.  It seems that I go to work, come home, and you have grown, gained strength, grew another tooth, expressed a new sound, and today, took your first step.

As Father's Day approaches, I am reminded that how I feel is similar to how God feels about us as his children.  He so wants the best for us, yet allows us to grow, take our steps and determine our path with the grace He gives ever present to direct our path to him, who waits for us with open and loving arms.

My prayer is that I will be able to live up to my responsibility to be a good father to you.  And, support all your steps in life with as much love as I can learn from God.

Oh, congratulations, little one, my little "dewdrop" on your first step.  And, thank you, for saving it for me until I got home.

Love, Papa