Catholic Single Parents Welcome

Out reach to San Diego Catholic Single Parents follows efforts to reach Catholic dads on the Internet and spread the message that "Faith Formation is job #1", if we as dads are to have any confidence that our children will find a secure way in life.  Outreach to Catholic dads formally began in November of 2008, but the laying of the foundation had taken nearly a decade if not longer.  Since November 2008, has received over 50,000 page views.  While the numbers are minimal to website developers, the outreach is significant to parents and their children.

Today, launches outreach specifically to San Diego Catholic Single Parents (see our Facebook page for upcoming events).  Why? It is quite simply because being a single parent is not for the faint at heart, and being a Catholic single parent comes with unique challenges, especially in a world where the divorce rate is what we all know it to be, on a very personal level.  As single parents, we are challenged in so many ways, both temporally and spiritually.  And, to go it alone, sets up a struggling family to be vulnerable in many ways we will discuss at another time.

San Diego Catholic Single Parents will undoubtedly go through some changes and growth, but with the fellowship of other Catholic single parents, and in support of our respective families, I am sure the changes will be positive for parents and their children.

This effort in part is born from faith in today's scripture reading:

"Moses spoke to the people and said: 'Now, Israel, hear the statues and decrees which I am teaching you to observe, that you may live, and may enter in and take possession of the land which the Lord, the God of your fathers, is giving you...[and] teach them to your children and to your children's children'" (Deuteronomy 4:1, 5-9).

As single parents, we are all the more challenged to teach our faith to our children, and their's.

The challenge is substantial, and thus was the reason the picture of Mary (taken at Whispering Winds, Julian, CA) is our icon and point of focus.  Even though Mary faced a path uncertain, I imagine her determination and faith in God is found in her simple words, "And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to your word" (New Advent Bible, Luke 1:38).  How often, perhaps as single parents, we must simply have this confidence for God to do wonderful works in our respective lives.   How often, can we be even more confident with others, San Diego Catholic Parents, to find the determination needed to grow ourselves and in turn nurture the growth of our children, and by extension our faith community. 

Welcome San Diego Catholic Single Parents!

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