Single Catholic Dads

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is clear about the role of parents, when they are married. But what is the role of a Catholic parent who finds him or herself single? Specifically, what is the role of a Catholic dad in the faith formation of his children? These are just a couple of the questions that will be dealt with in this blog.

I submit, the challenge to fulfill one's role as a single Catholic dad is difficult, but no less important. However, when approached from a spiritual perspective, there are a wealth of resources to maintain one's hope in accomplishing the will of God, no matter the outcome.

Personally, when I have been faced with difficult challenges, I have found myself, as many do, praying, "Father, I will serve, if you will...(fill in the blank)." But, by yielding to available spiritual support of others, allowing God to speak through their actions and prayers, I have learned to say, "Father, I will serve you no matter what."

Serving God is not just a matter of practice, it is a matter of heart. Is one really serving God, by going through the steps, and by having his heart not in the action taken? I think, to some degree, yes. However, there is a greater blessing to be had. By acknowledging that to truly serve God, one must yield to the grace of the Holy Spirit, then one's service, even when faced with the trials of being single, is truly heartfelt. It is in that experience, we learn how to be Christ like, and as a dear friend of mine has said, it is how we learn to be "Jesus with skin on."

How do you see your role among many single Catholic dads? Are you trying to accomplish that role alone, or with heart, by the grace of God? Give it some thought today, and listen to what God may have to teach you.