Holiday Conflict and the Path to Healing from Domestic Violence

During this time of year, schedules can become more intense, though the children are not in school; budgets are challenged and we try to do more with less. Also, there are the important appeals from local and national organizations seeking assistance to help the needy, which may lead to a sense of feeling guilty for not being able to give more.

If a family was previously experiencing stress, the loss of a job, medical bills and concurrently dealing with alcohol or chemical dependence, or some mental or medical health challenge, then unmet expectations can increase the stress and result in spontaneous and unintentional abuse in the home. And, if abuse in the home was already an established pattern of interaction, then circumstances can get worse.  Perhaps you have a sister, brother, uncle, mother, father or friend who can use your assistance.

What’s the solution? Break the silence.

Whatever the circumstance, help is available and new coping strategies can be learned. More importantly, there is healing through Christ for all involved.  Imagine for a moment, experiencing for a loved one or friend the peace and healing Christ offers. Can you think of a better gift, than to bring someone aid and information?


  • To refer a friend (or to use for yourself) to his local priest for reconciliation and counseling, visit There it is easy to identify a local Catholic Church and contact information to schedule an appointment with a priest. Also, calling you local diocese and asking for a list of Catholic counseling services in the area is easy enough to accomplish;
  • For our sisters and their children who are thankful for a day free of violence - Faith and Trust Institute;
  • The Church on domestic violence - "Scripture leads to... equal dignity of men and women" (USCCB);
  • Are you called to share with someone you know a path to freedom from violence? Learn to identify abuse in the home here;
  • Be Still and Know, Stephen Curtis Chapman - Music for contemplation;
  • Domestic Violence Recovery Books;
  • Catholic counseling support;
  • Getting help for a loved one or friend suffering from domestic violence - Video;
  • 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) / 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) - Anonymous & Confidential Help 24/7

+ Catholic Dads HQ - Faith formation is job #1 - Working toward "Strengthening: Heart, Soul and Mind" (sm) of Catholic dads, their families and communities everywhere (Mark 12:29-31)

Gifts to Our Children by Service to Our Neighbor


As we enter into the season of giving, you may have some interest in volunteering, or introducing a young person to this aspect of community-fellowship. The message from our Lord is clear and should touch the depth of our hearts, and can only be modeled for our young people to understand by what we do more than what we say about how giving is important in meeting the temporal needs of others, and eternal needs beyond what is immediately apparent.

This observation is nothing new as the following excerpts indicate from as far back as 1899 to "modern day" 1947":

"Education consists in preparing the moral character of a child, in teaching him the few fundamental invariable principles accepted in all the countries of the world. It consists in giving him, from tenderest childhood, the notion of human dignity" (Lecomte Du Nouy, 1947. Human Destiny, p. 208). 
"In a day when selfishness brings so many temptations, [the Bible] supplies us with information and knowledge of what God has done and can do with individuals and nations given over to His service...[The Bible]...will mean very little to the modern man unless he reads and hears and answers its challenge...." (Ted Evans, 1928. What Place Religion? p. 159). 
"...[W]hether the parent likes it or not, whether the parent knows it or not, whether the parent helps it, hinders it, or ignores it, the education of the unconscious is ever going on...The soul (unconsciously) observes and reflects and assimilates the countless products of nature and art which enter it. The result is formation of character, and all which we call life is impressed. The influences from without make a man what he is" (Alfred T. Schofield, 1899. The Unconscious Mind, p. 190).
As we consider the days ahead and the gifts we will exchange, wrapped in either the love shared at a special meal, giving aid to the homeless, or a favorite holiday paper, may we give a momentary thought to the gift we give our children wrapped in our actions on the value of human dignity served by our time and attention to those less fortunate.

Many blessing to each and everyone and may there be joy in every home and in the hearts of those you touch by your generosity.

Loving Nature, Loving You

I chose this piece, Flowers with Relaxation Music for my blog today, because my daughters and I love nature.

When we're together, they don't just smell the flowers, they pick them and give them away as gifts of love and affection.  Also, I know that my spending time with them, enjoying what brings them happiness, the standard begins to take form, as they learn about relationships.  For they will know, in love, we share with those what bring them happiness.

They remind me to embrace nature with all the senses, to draw the attention of others to it, and with love fear not giving nature and one's heart away, a gift that requires a lifetime of attention to its fragility.

"Thank you, my little ones, for the gifts you give.  ~ Love, Papa"

Image: Favorite flower of my youngest. Photo taken at Flower Frenzy - Florists, in Encinitas, CA

Veterans Day 2010

"November 11th is Veterans Day, a day to honor America's military Veterans. Since 1954, the Veterans Day National Committee has worked to ensure Veterans Day receives proper and widespread observance. Part of that outreach this year includes this video for students explaining how and why we honor Veterans, not just on Veterans Day, but year-round.  On the VA Veterans Day page you'll find not only this video but also Veterans Day History, local and national observances and resources to teach students the value of honoring our Veterans" (US Department of Veterans Affairs).

- TAPS - "Caring for the families of the fallen..."
- Taps Bugler on YouTube
- Taps Bugler

In addition to paying respect, we extend the honor deserved to those who have served and their families, by teaching our children to respect those who protect our county from all enemies foreign and domestic, and teaching them the freedoms we enjoy come at a high price. We can do no less than to instill this awareness of gratitude, which may well be the seed to courage (ECLD).

"O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, look kindly on your departed veterans who gave their lives in the service of their country. Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in you with your saints forever. We ask this through Christ our Lord" (Prayer for Deceased Veterans).