Nibble Nose

My little "nibble nose" [C]. You are so tiny. I so love to hear you giggle when I kiss your neck just behind your ear. I so love to "nibble your nose" and see the toothless grin that brightens, no matter the time of day. Your sister showed me how to love beyond myself, and you showed me how to expand that love beyond what I have imagined.

Many blessing, my little "nibble nose."



"Carry You, Papa?"


I seldom turn you down, when you ask, "Carry you, Papa..." Usually, I reply, "I will always carry you, for as long as I am able." I realize this time is brief, so I cherish any moment for us to be close. Moments like these, along with times I can help you with a straw, or I am impressed with your existence is beyond measure.

Moments as simple as helping you with a straw engulf me at times, as I stare into your little eyes, as you innocently guide the straw to its use, which gives you so much relief from thrust, or pleasure, when we share a "Jamba Juice" together.

One night, I mentioned, a comet could not impress me as does your life.

Thank you, Father in heaven, for B...

A Dewdrop Comes into Our Lives


When you came into the world, like your sister, you did not delay in coming. It was a joy to be there when you arrived, for both myself and your sister, "B."

While B and I stood at the head of the bed, anticipating your arrival, I wondered if B would mind being there. The nurses said it would be okay, as long as I was okay with it. B remarked, while you were just arriving, "Mommy owey?" "Yes, mommy owey," I replied.

Oh, we must not forget, your grandmother, M, was there, too. Shortly after you arrived. All of us were so happy to announce your new name, which we kept a secret (even B knew, but didn't tell anyone).

After I cut the umbilical cord, took some pictures and dressed you, that is when you got the name dewdrop. You seemed so tiny and cute, the name came naturally out of my mouth... "She's like a little dewdrop."

You are certainly an added blessing to my life, as well as our family's.

I thank God for you as our newest gift.

Much love,