Happy to See You (Both) Grow

“B” – I love watching you assert your independence. You just recently turned five, and I cannot believe how fast your are “becoming”. After your doctor's appointment, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Daphne's Greek Cafe and while there, I ordered our usual chicken, Greek salad and drinks, for you me and your sister. Thinking the world is perfect when I'm with you and C, you reminded me it isn't, especially when I forget something as important as rice. That was your chance! And you took advantage of it. You asserted, “I can get it, Papa...” in a can do voice. Well, wanting to relish the moment, I handed you some money and you skipped over to the line where you waited...and waited...and waited, while two other adults went ahead of you. I guess, us adult-types just would not think to see a five year old as someone we have to wait behind when out and about taking care of all we need to. Seeing the situation, I called you over, and you skipped back to the table where C and I were waiting. You took my encouragement to heart, “When you go back, step up to the counter and say, 'I'm ready to order now.' And, the lady at the register will hear you.” Well, that is all you needed to get the job done. Both “C-mister” and I were so proud of you, we gave you high fives all the way around.

“C” - You likewise astound me! You are nearly three, and the other day, we sat down to lunch. And after prayer for the meal, and getting ready to dive into our “Coleslaw Wraps” with cilantro sauce and chips on the side, an invention of your good ol' Papa, you asked, “And, how is your day, Papa?” Well, I just about did a double take and began to answer, halfway expecting you to share some insights I need to consider on how to make my day better. I should have expected this, since the night before, you and your sister enjoyed our going to Trader Joe's to help me shop for groceries. Of course you each had to have your own Eco-friendly bag to carry your non-breakables. Since you were unable to carry the colorful and standard bag Trader Joe's offers, I quickly adapted a wine bottle carry tote (which is about 60% smaller than the usual shopping bag) to the task and you were quite satisfied to drag that thing around the entire market tying to fill it with anything that was way too large and heavy. When your effort didn't work, you waited for me to fill it with an orange or two, tomato and other small items. That did the trick, and you considered yourself a genuine shopper!
I suspect the good Lord likewise cares for us. He is there to give us the tools we need, guidance, love and concern to help us grow and succeed. All we need to do is listen, take His direction and trust he will help us navigate the world around us. I suspect He is likewise happy to see us grow. But, remember, who loves you more than Papa? Yes, that's right, “Jesus!”