B - First Purchase: Chocolate Chip Cookies

What a delight, after having a Subway vegetarian sandwich with you for lunch today, you decided it was time for the usual chocolate chip cookies. At first, you said, "Buy it, papa..." Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I gave you $5.00 and encouraged you to get in line and make your own purchase.

As you coyly walked up to the line, assessing what you were about to do, your pace slowed. Then, you stopped, did an aboutface, and ran back to me and said, "I too shy..." with that cute little tilt of the head as commonly seen in your photos.

I said with a smile and shrug of the shoulders, "Then I guess you don't get any cookies today..." Well, that steadied your nerves, and off to get in line you went. You waited for a few moments patiently, with $5.00 in hand, as each customer made his or her purchase. As you approached the counter, the lady was quite nice in trying to help you decide if you wanted chocolate chip or "some with M&Ms?" At that point, I could see you needed a little help and stepped in, stood behind you and helped to clarify your wish.

You took two chocolate chip cookies, tried very hard to reach the coin return for your change by standing on your toes, still to no avail, and were satisfied to let me retrieve the change and smiled brightly to receive three one-dollar bills from the clerk instead.

One cookie for me and one for you. Life couldn't get any better for you or for me.

I will always remember that moment. The moment was priceless.

Thank you, Lord for chocolate chip cookies.