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Fr. Cyril Axelrod Legacy Foundation: Celebrating Our Common Abilities

"My interaction with deaf, mute and blind students has reinforced the message that those of us with minor physical challenges have little excuse for not using our God given talents" (YMCA Africa Alliance.  Different ability is not inability: working with the deaf, mute and blind)



Original Post: 10.16.2013
Updated: 11.23.2014

Psalm 144: 1-2

"When I am tired and so afraid,
your love is like a fire that will light my way..."
- Third Day - Your Love is Like a River

"Personally I have been thrilled with these CDs before while in Iraq in 2007–2008." - U.S. Navy Command Chaplain CDR Miles J. Barrett CHC

"As an ex-serviceman, I can relate to Fr. Goldmann's story. 'The Shadow of His Wings' is truly awe inspiring." - Jim - Wichita, KS

Psalm 144:1-2


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
National Vocation Awareness Week
November 2-8, 2014

Six compelling excuses for not becoming a nun - debunked!


Published 01.12.2013
Republished 11.01.2014

Faithful Citizenship

Christianity did not come by force of arms, nor could it. Christianity will never come by Act of Parliament. The wisest of earth’s scholars, and the most astute of her politicians, can lift no finger to help the Kingdom of God save by coming in to the school of Jesus, and learning of Him by the inshining of the Holy Spirit.

- Morgan, G. C. (1897). Discipleship (pp. 30–31). New York; Chicago; Toronto: Fleming H. Revell Company (Retrieved from Logos Bible Software - http://bit.ly/1z9PWVp).

"Catholicism...It's your story." (Fr. Barron)