Prayer on Thanksgiving Day

"Heavenly Father, this is the day set aside to give You thanks for Your surpassing goodness to human beings. You have created us in Your own image and set us over Your wonderful creation. You chose a people to be Your own and to carry Your message of salvation to all people. You carried out Your redemption in Jesus Your Son, and His saving fruits are passed on to every generation to all who believe that by His Death and Resurrection Jesus has given them a new freedom in His Spirit. Let me give You proper thanks for Your blessings - those I am aware of as well as those that I habitually take for granted. And let me learn to use them according to Your Will" (New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book, p. 888).This prayer was a wonderful guide to me, my wife and children this Thanksgiving Day. We are fortunate for the work of saints who provide us these guides.May all fathers during this holiday season renew their relationships, and find an appropriate guide for their own spiritual growth.