Life is Short. Make a Change

Legend: Orange - Countries in which the Peace ...Each morning we wake-up to new possibilities ahead; for some, especially young adults, the possibilities are a crafted by the dreams of others and not their own.  In that case, I have witnessed young people compliant but internally dejected, with the flame of enthusiasm quietly flickering, keeping warm expectations owned by others.

For other young adults, when they awake, it is to fully becoming who they see themselves to be today, tomorrow and into the future.  Only these young adults have more; it is a passion for what their heart's desire, sometimes to the chagrin of those who would have them do otherwise with their lives. It is a wonderful experience to witness young adults explore their possibilities and willing to pay the price of being who they truly are with no apologies as they move into areas of interest that enliven them and result in accomplishments that we are all the better for. So with that, I wish all the best to "W", who has discovered that being in a lab and filling a role of those unwilling to live their own lives,  isn't where her passion is; it is developing her skills to help people, possibly in the Peace Corps and then on to gaining additional education to work in nature conservancy around the world. "W", enjoy all the changes you will make!