The New Evangelization

The call to Catholics everywhere...Until The Whole World Hears!

Until the Whole World Hears (MP3)
by Casting Crowns

"Government, even at its best, can never be more than an auxiliary in the development of character...We desperately need to recover a sense of the fundamental purpose of education, which is to engage in the architecture of souls.  When a self-governing society ignores this responsibility, it does so at its peril" (William J. Bennett, Quantifying America's Decline, 1993).

Christ was a leader unlike any other.  In him, we find our purpose as a countermeasure and answer to the challenges we all face.  With him, we are empowered to lead others within our circle of influence.

The New Evangelization begins in the heart (John 10:10) and results in a response to The Human Experience, with a culture of faith unlike any other, directed to the one who leads the way.  With a soul rightly aligned, the human condition thrives, satisfied by the one who meets the most fundamental of needs (John 3:16).


Updated: 01.14.2013
Published: 10.04.2012

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